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Frank and Ginny LucasEstablished in 1992

(209) 472-0722 Stockton

6820 Pacific Avenue, Suite 2-B      Stockton, CA 95207


Awarded "Small Business of the Year" by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

Our Mission

At Evergreen we are committed to providing the very best in service, using clinical hypnosis to help clients address their concerns.   We offer a quiet office environment in a safe neighborhood, where you can feel comfortable and confident that the help you receive is from true professionals.

It is commonly said that "all hypnosis is self hypnosis."  This is true in that no one else takes control of your mind during hypnosis.  At Evergreen, we are professional guides who know the way and show you the way to use the power of your own (subconscious) mind.

Thank you!  We appreciate that you've taken the time to look around at our home here on the web. Please check back often.  We will be updating this site regularly.


Ginny Lucas,  PhD 

Founder & Director  of Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy 

Frank Lucas, CCH



When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.  Confucius (551-479 B.C.)




Our Motto:  Hypnosis Helps!

Note:  "hypnotherapy" is hypnosis used in a clinical setting for therapeutic purposes.

Our Office

Our Office Building

(209) 472-0722

6820 Pacific Avenue, Suite 2-B      Stockton, CA 95207


Stockton's Evergreen office is on the frontage road just north of Benjamin Holt Dr. in north Stockton, on the east side of Pacific Ave., directly across the street from the BIG "L" in Lincoln Center, and next to the Bank of Stockton. Look for the three-story tan building with "Stockton Mortgage" on the front. There is a smaller sign that says, "Evergreen Professional Hypnosis." We're on the second floor. 

(209) 472-0722 Stockton



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